K2HR3 OpenStack Notification Listener

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An OpenStack notification listener for the K2HR3 role-based ACL system developed in Yahoo Japan Corporation.


k2hr3_osnl is K2HR3 O pen S tack N otification L istener that is a part of the K2HR3 system, which is a role-based ACL system developed in Yahoo Japan Corporation.

k2hr3_osnl is an OpenStack Notification Listener that listens to notifications from OpenStack services. OpenStack services emit notifications to the message bus, which is provided by oslo.messaging. oslo.messaging transports notification messages to a message broker server. The default broker server is RabbitMQ. When k2hr3_osnl catches a notification message from RabbitMQ, it sends the payload to the K2HR3 that is a role-based ACL system that provides access control for OpenStack virtual machine instances. Figure 1 shows the relationship between the components.

Fig.1: overview



MIT License


k2hr3_osnl is a project by AntPickax, which is an open source team in Yahoo Japan Corporation.


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